The Daphne bangle was hand-carved in wax and is cast in brass, sterling silver, or *shibuichi. Like many other designs from our Scavenger Collection, it features fluid, organic shape. The bangle in silver is antiqued to enhance detail. Please note that all our jewelry is handcrafted, so slight differences may occur.

  • approximately 2.5'' in diameter (6.5 cm)
  • sold singly - choose from brass ($115), sterling silver ($245), or shibuichi ($215)
  • all metal used in creating this product was responsibly sourced, and is either recycled or Made in the USA
  • handcrafted in Seattle, USA

*Shibuichi is an alloy, its name means "one fourth" in Japanese and indicated a standard formulation of one part silver to three parts copper; it is a nice pinkish color, similar to rose gold.