Jewelry Care Tips

  • All our jewelry pieces are finished by hand, and therefore delicate by nature.  Please treat your new jewelry piece with care to improve its longevity.
  • When storing jewelry keep each piece separate.  Gold, silver, and other metal can scratch each other, and stones and enamel can chip when they hit one another.  Take special care of softer stones, such as opals, emeralds, and aquamarines; same applies to pearls.  Keep everything in its box, ideally custom fitted original packaging. 
  • Many gems - as well as vermeil and gold plate - should not be exposed to chemicals - let your perfume and hair spray dry completely before you put on your jewelry, especially pearls.  Don't wear jewelry and watches to the beach or pool, or while doing housework.  Don't shower in your jewelry… - you get the picture.  
  • I always recommend keeping silver jewelry in tightly fastened plastic bags (such as Ziplock) to prevent tarnishing when not in frequent use.  Anti tarnish strips can be added to the bags.  If your jewelry still blackens, bring it to a friendly jeweler to have it cleaned.
  • Some stones are fragile - dropping a jewelry piece onto a hard surface may damage it.  Always put down your jewelry gently.  Natural stones and minerals should not come in contact with any cleaners and chemicals.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machines are great for some pieces of jewelry, but may damage others - so only hard stones should go into the ultrasonic bath (such as diamonds), but softer stones may get damaged (pearls, turquoise, amber); gold and platinum will come out gleaming, however the process will not remove tarnish from silver or copper.
  • Some things are common sense - don't yank on chain necklaces, don't step on or drive over jewelry, don't give your earrings to a toddler to play with - yes, it all happened...

As with everything that you care about, and is meant to last you for a long time - treat it with care.