LA FASHION WEEK WITH BRI SEELEY September 29 2013, 0 Comments

I wish I could be in several places at the same time.  Alas, since I lack magical powers, I have to make do with the modern magic of the internet and social media.  If I could be in Phoenix on October 4th, and then in Los Angeles on October 10th, I would!  Why?  Because a friend of mine, the talented fashion designer Bri Seeley will be unveiling her latest collection - "Silence".  And not only that - because Bri chose my jewelry to walk down the runway at both events!  (meant to be a figure of speech, the jewelry will be worn by models, who will walk down the runway).  

So this is what's happening. Phoenix Fashion Week Bri Seeley Runway Show on October 4th at The Talking Stick Resort -get your tickets here.

LA Fashion Week Bri Seeley show will take place on October 10th, will benefit Step Up Women's Network, (the show's donation to the organization will help 250 girls from under-resourced communities to help them grow into confident, college-bound, career-ready women), and will launch Bri's latest collection - "Silence".  Moreover, Bri is partnering with Luevo, who is a red-hot fashion crowd-funding site. The event will kick off a 30-day campaign to raise pre-orders for the entire collection exclusively on Luevo. 

Joanna Morgan Designs is outfitting the models both in Phoenix and Los Angeles with jewelry accessories.  Get your tickets for the LA show here.  We can hardly wait to see the collection and our jewelry on the runway!

More about all of it soon!