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As promised, since some of you have no access to the printed edition of "Seattle Magazine" I am posting a just-released on-line version of the September issue Seamless in Seattle spread about all the winners in the competition.  Please click through and discover the fashion talent we have in Seattle:

I have posted my Seattle Magazine interview right here as well.

From top: Bridget pendant in brass, $125; Bridget cuff in sterling silver, $495; Krystallos cuff in sterling silver, $415;

Justine bracelet in brass, $125; Drea ring in brass, $95

Image credit: Hayley Young via Seattle Magazine

The line: “I believe in timeless pieces,” says Polish-born, Queen Anne-based Joanna Morgan, whose eponymous line of hand-cast statement pieces in silver and brass are building momentum in Seattle’s style circles. “My designs aim to be comfortable and blend easily into your life,” says the 40-something jeweler—and we agree. Her Talisman collection contains a range of everyday/everywhere pieces, from tiny earrings studded with black spinel to statement-making rings.

Creative spark: Before launching her first collection in 2010, Morgan spent 15 years in banking and finance. Her first pieces came out of necessity, since there was nothing in stores that she liked, and what she did like, she couldn’t afford. When people bought her designs literally right off her neck, she figured she was on to something. “It wasn’t a conscious thing; I didn’t decide to be a designer at any point. It kind of chose me,” she says.

Her personal style: “I like things that are classic (but not boring), well made and that will withstand the test of time,” says Morgan, who admires modern designers like Jil Sander, Vanessa Bruno and Prada because of their simplicity, clean lines, beautiful craftsmanship and timeless design.

Business 101: “Running your own business means that you are a creative director, a marketing person, a delivery girl, a graphic designer, a brand visionary and at the very last—a maker,” says the designer, who fills her small studio with driftwood, rocks, shells and other items that inspire her.

Find it: Clementine (West Seattle, 4447 California Ave. SW; 206.935.9400;, Sell Your Sole (Belltown, 2121 First Ave., Suite 101; 206.43.2616; and online at

Thank you for the recognition "Seattle Magazine"!