I am naturally drawn to bigger, sculptural pieces when it comes to accessories.  This time I decided not to hold back and really indulged in designing some for my own jewelry line.  As more and more pieces were emerging, I decided to name the collection Huntress.  And when it came to naming the new designs, goddesses and huntresses from mythology came to mind.  Ishtar, Kali, Atala (shortened from Atalanta), Diana, Zada - names associated with courage, love, empowerment, freedom of decision, and strength.  The traits that are still very vital now, in 21st century.  

I am asked - why Huntress?  Because I like the idea of women being strong, being independent, and doing what they set out to do.  So I dedicated the collection to all women who are strong, yet vulnerable, seeking, and finding, caring, and defending, daring, dreaming, wandering, with dignity and poise. I think there is a bit of strong and vulnerable in all of us.  And I wanted the collection to be strong, sculptural, yet approachable and as always is my goal, wearable for our everyday lives. 

The designs from the collection can be viewed and purchased in my Seattle studio, or on line