Thank You 2014! January 04 2015, 0 Comments

Year 2014 - what a very long year, full of new discoveries, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhilarating, and a very very good year all in all!  Taking stock, it's what's done this time of year, isn't it?  So much happened:

  • My new studio. Such a godsend, such a stroke of luck!  A year later, I've settled in, filled it with things I love, it's a place I come to with joy to work, and meet with clients and friends.  What on earth did I do before it?
  • Collaborations with fellow artists - it started with an innocent question, a few introductions, and snowballed from there.  We had some great shows with Rachel Guinevere LordKenaga, Rebecka Woodward, Letha Colleen Myers, Jon Haaland, Julia Fioravanti, who agreed to display their art on our studio walls.  Hopefully more of it will come this year.
  • My good friend, and a fellow designer Bri Seeley embarked on this insanely good project - The Inspirational Woman Project - and invited me to be in it!  From a blog, to a website, to a book!  So now I'm in this beautiful book, along with dozens of women who are rockstars in their fields, and honestly, I'm a bit embarrassed I'm there, because, you know, what did I really do to inspire.  The book available to order on her website.
  • My new collection came out over the summer - I called it "Scavenger".  It's a bit of labor of love, a bit emotional, as it echoes to some personal memories.  I love it, and a few other people did too.  More about it on my blog:
  • It was a year of great press - whenever someone takes time to visit, to write about me, what I do, it feels so insanely good, and I appreciate it so much that Joanna Morgan Designs got tons of good press in 2014!  Thank you Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Refined, The Seattle Times, Vanguard Seattle, Moda & Estilo, Seattle Weekly.  
  • A big surprise came out in August, when I was luxuriating with my family on vacation in Santa Fe - The Seattle Weekly selected me their Seattle's Best Jewelry Designer.  Thank you!!!
  • My jewelry was selected to be shown in the Seattle Design Festival and Tacoma Metal Urge this summer and fall.  So honored!

    • In November I was included in "The Influentials - Women in Design" by ChickChat Seattle - so honored to be recognized along 20 other women who create and design right here in PNW!  It was a stylish and fun night, and I finally get to know some designers who I have admired for a long time.
    • Many thanks to my designer friends who were so kind to include my jewelry in their photo shoots - it's possibly the highest compliment ever when a fellow designer considers your work good enough to be shown alongside their own!

    Thank you friends for a wonderful year!  I'm raising my glass full of bubbly, a big smile on my face, full of appreciation, thankful for all the good grace.  Cheers!  Here is to the New Year 2015!

    ***if I missed something, failed to mention someone, please forgive me!***