April 24th marked the tragedy near Dhaka, Bangladesh, in Rana Plaza, where over 1,000 lives were lost in a collapse of an unsafe garment factory due to horrifying working conditions.  I hope that this event has made us stop and think how what we buy, what we wear, is made, and being aware of how the companies we buy from do business.  Here are my thoughts:

There is a high level of consumerism nowadays in this world.  Mass production of things lowered the quality of product, and my observations is, many of us cannot recognize quality anymore, but we are guided by the ticket price of the item, and how "trendy" it is.

On the other hand the slow fashion movement embraces the notion that faster is not always better, that doing everything well is better than doing everything as fast as possible.  It reflects how I think - and it may seem counter intuitive, because I am in the sales business - but I am anti materialistic and anti consumerism.  My focus has always been to buy fewer clothes and accessories, and choose better pieces that last longer. In my mind it is not only a more responsible way to live, but also more rewarding.

This carries over to my brand.  I made a commitment to sourcing as many materials as possible within the USA, keeping my production locally, and using recycled metals, or made in the USA metals exclusively.  The decision of keeping it small and personal was an easy one for me - it enables me to have a connection with my customers, with the values I believe in, and with the product itself.  

Own fewer things, but make it the things that you love.  Live with the things you love, things that still speak to you months and years after you purchased them.  Be mindful - live with intention.  How was it made, who made it, where was it made?