SANTA FE, MY NEW LOVE August 19 2014, 0 Comments

What can I say, we just got back from our New Mexico trip, and I miss Santa Fe already.  All that is said about the area, every byline, is true.  The Land of Enchantment it is.  Full of charm, beauty, inspiration.  There was no way we could see all that there is in just a week.  We did what we could, every day offering something new, rich in texture and spirit.  If someone asked me to describe what I saw, I could go on and on. But here are the pics.  Oddly enough I didn't take that many, probably because I was too busy looking.  

Here is a little sampler for you of my impressions.  I was pleasantly surprised that in addition to traditional American Indian art, there is also a huge presence of modern, contemporary art.  Old and new, living in harmony, set among faded red rock, and adobe style buildings that blend into the nature, brilliant blue sky, head spinning scenery, all that giving you sensory overload.  Sun, clear air, delicious food, and friendly people, plus art everywhere, what else would you want from life?