As you may already know, every month I host a new artist to display their art on my studio walls.  This time I am happy to introduce Letha Colleen Myers, whose happy, colorful, mix media collage landscapes I have been fortunate to present this month.

Here is what Letha says herself about her art and process: "Much of my work draws directly from both concrete and imaginative experiences had with the surrounding landscapes of my childhood in the Pacific Northwest. Experiences which all got mixed up and tied into my musings on what I was learning and seeing at the time as a quiet, introspective child coming to understand that so many living things balance on the edge of chaos and order. Making art is very much a gestalt movement towards new insight for me. And as a result what you will see primarily in my work is a series of landscapes slightly fractured and segmented by personal mental pathways and their corresponding struggles and/or epiphanies.

Working with paper and found objects in a collage medium allows me the ability to break apart existing things and reassemble them into something new. And once again, in the construction process of my work, I experience the interplay of duality. Hand cutting paper (with an X-Acto blade and an ancient pair of orange Frisker scissors that belonged to my mother) is an act of deliberation, as is the final construction of the piece when tight technique and craftsmanship is critical to a cohesive piece. But the space in-between when I am composing? That’s an experience of giving in to flow, a space in which to follow internal landscapes to that moment of insightful conclusion the fixes a new piece in place giving it external life as a new entity."

We will be hosting a small reception for Letha at my studio on Saturday, July 26th, 3 - 8 p.m., at 306 S. Washington St, Studio 105, Seattle, WA. Her art and Joanna Morgan Designs jewelry will be available for purchase. The studio is also open by appointment, so if you'd like to drop by another time, do let us know by emailing joanna@joannamorgandesigns.com