When you look at Rebecka Woodward's collages you're immediately drawn into her worlds of enchanting flora, whimsical fairies, sometimes playful, sometimes mystical.  This is what I felt when I was first introduced to her art.

I am lucky to have Rebecka as my guest artist for June - her collages are worlds you haven't seen before, they draw you in, show you fantasies put together from tiny pieces of paper - and you thought you knew what a collage was!

Rebecka Woodward has been working in collage as an artistic medium for more a decade. It began as an exercise in color composition. Eventually, it would become more than that. The first collages were what one might expect from “collage”, as it is typically assembled from loose imagery juxtaposed to draw in the viewer. Early works were a visual diary; a recording of gesture and color compiled with found text, rearranged into prose. However, as time invested in each piece became greater, backgrounds transformed into entire environments, and a personal symbolism emerged. With each new piece, the construction changes, and the manner in which the collage is approached evolves. In recent years, incorporations of a “painterly” aspect heightening the assemblage’s detail has developed, while other works take on the cues of a surreal photographic style. Closer examination by the viewer reveals layers of alterations contributing to these images creating a new reality. Each work is a collection of hundreds of pieces of cut magazine paper. Forests come to life with flora and hidden fauna, women interact in their environments emitting a mysterious glow and invite you into their stories, evoking myths and literary tales. Rebecka has a background in photography, illustration, painting and several other media. Collage has offered her more freedom and expression than traditional art forms. She seeks to question what art is, to whom it belongs, and from what materials it can be made. Originally from Southern Indiana, she has lived in Seattle for over 15 years. The wilderness of her childhood is a constant inspiration.  More on her site .

Her show at my studio will be closing on Saturday, June 28th, 3 - 8 p.m., at 306 S. Washington St, Studio 105, Seattle, WA. Her collages and Joanna Morgan Designs jewelry will be available for purchase.  The studio is also open by appointment, so if you'd like to drop by another time, do let us know by emailing