We have JEWELRY at the studio, we have WALLS, and now - starting in May - we will have ART on the walls!  The first artist we are collaborating with, is the incredible Rachel Guinevere LordKenaga.  So lucky to have met her!  Her art is vibrant, energetic, and we love it.  

Rachel has been painting since childhood and in the NW since the age of 18. She is passionately smitten with color and capturing a moment. A memory, an emotion, a fixation. Art making has served as meditation and catharsis, which organically brought her into a career as an Art Therapist. Recent inspiration has come through moving to Vashon Island and being surrounded daily by sea and sky. Please go to her FB page and Wordpress and take a look at her paintings.

You will be able to admire (and purchase) her paintings at our studio in Pioneer Square during special events and by appointment.   Some of them are also displayed in the hallway right outside my studio door.

The opening event with Rachel was last week at May 1st Art Walk.  We will have a closing event on Saturday, May 31st - and in between please email me at the studio ( if you'd like to come by.

Each month we will try to feature a new artist - stay tuned, and follow us on social media to find out who's next, and when to see their art!


                 Rachel Guinevere LordKenaga's Sea/Skyscapes, currently for sale at our studio for the month of May