GIVING THANKS November 27 2013, 0 Comments



Taking stock is usually done at the end of the year - but really any time is good, and Thanksgiving seems to be perfect to stop for a minute and take a look back. This year has been wonderful, and difficult, challenging, and eye-opening, and I could add so many more adjectives here, but you get the point. The positives certainly outweigh negatives, and lessons learned from negatives were priceless, and led us to wonderful experiences.

Thanksgiving - an American holiday I adopted not for its food, but for its vibe - goes hand in hand with thanking those who are in my life, put a smile on my face, help and tolerate me, and my endeavors daily.  Not all of them can gather around my table this Thursday, but they will be in my heart.

Before the madness of holidays sets in, this Thanksgiving, in this wonderful season of Autumn, let's give thanks for what we have.