The inspiration came from my grandmother -  after she passed, we found a box of trinkets, worthless to the world, but to us full of memories, as well as questions - what are they, where did they come from?  That was years ago.  Recently I found my own box of things - I am by nature a scavenger (and similarly to my grandmother, love to stash things away for later), I pick up seeds, driftwood, rocks, twigs, leaves, feathers, dried blossoms, put them in boxes, store them in vases, sometimes to be displayed, oftentimes to be forgotten, and rediscovered years later. Maybe I'm trying to hold on to some memories, or I'm just fascinated with the shapes, color, and patterns offered by the world.

This new collection - called "Scavenger" - looks to the ethereal and organic worlds.  Most of the pieces are objects of irregular shapes, inspired by pebbles, branches, bones, fragments that may have been collected and then stored and forgotten, and then found many years later - and now they are treasures re-imagined in metal. 

I will be having a special launch event at our studio in July - it will be announced it via social media channels and email.  If you're local, please come by.  If not, please see the latest designs here on my website in a few weeks.  I am looking forward to showing you the new Scavenger Collection!


Photo credit: Amanda Waltman Photography