SMALL PAINTINGS July 21 2017, 0 Comments

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away :) I used to paint.  Then a corporate job came along, and for 15 years I was absorbed in that.  But life gives you twists and turns, and second chances, so in 2010 I was able to devote all my time to jewelry making.  This summer I also picked up a brush again.  

A friend was organizing a fundraiser, and asked me to be among artists creating small pieces to be auctioned off (the proceeds benefited ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Lambda Legal).  Although I hadn't done anything similar for quite a long time (aside from some minor sketching and doodling), I painted a small abstract, someone liked it, and bought it! 

After that I realized how much I craved color, playing with it, getting results of your work quickly, right in front of you.  Mixing colors, playing with textures.  I have decided to "go for it", and then to show some of the little paintings on my social media, and the responses have been very kind.  The next step was to list some paintings on my website.

They're now available under the "objects" tab, along with the little brass dishes.  


BLING FOR YOUR BLING July 05 2017, 0 Comments

Just in time for July First Thursday Art Walk and Second Saturday events - these three small dishes for safekeeping jewelry are now available - in my Seattle studio for now, but please reach out if you'd like more details.  


2016 December 30 2016, 0 Comments

Year 2016, so many challenges, twists and turns, ups and downs, surprises.  There were new lessons to learn, and new strengths to discover.  Looking forward to 2017, making plans, dreaming, hoping, and feeling the friendship and goodwill around me.  Thank you!  Wishing you all the best in the New Year 2017!


INSPIRATION - STUDIO VIGNETTES December 15 2016, 0 Comments

I like to surround myself with objects that bring out emotion and inspiration.  In my studio I have been collecting (or piling up, depending how you think about it) things found on walks, vacations, scavenged at junk sales, pictures pulled out of magazines...  My eyes rest on them during my studio hours, sometimes drawing a new idea, oftentimes just being content with the view.  The architecture of my building adds to the ambience.



*top pictures on the right, and bottom on the left, are by Deb Achak



WINTER LIGHT December 11 2016, 0 Comments

I have been working in my Pioneer Square Studio in Seattle for almost three years now.  One of the best features of my space is a huge window which takes up the entire wall.  I love the daylight, especially in the fall and winter, when we get very little of it here.  

Some days the light that gets in is truly magical - even the photographs that I take for my Instagram account are basked in the dreamy blue gray glow.  Take a look at these!



2015 December 31 2015, 0 Comments

Dear Friends -

2015 is winding down...  Every year I have to pinch myself, because in the wildest dreams I could not have imagined what my world would be like after I took the leap of faith in 2010, and started this idea of designing jewelry...  Every year is different and every year is better.  

It has been a busy year - with the new collection (Huntress) launched in the summer, some collaborations, new friendships, new discoveries, ideas.  Thank you all! 

What will 2016 bring?  What I know for sure it will not be short on beauty, friends, and good times.  The rest is a mystery. I am raising my glass to that!

                                                                           XOXO    Joanna




I am naturally drawn to bigger, sculptural pieces when it comes to accessories.  This time I decided not to hold back and really indulged in designing some for my own jewelry line.  As more and more pieces were emerging, I decided to name the collection Huntress.  And when it came to naming the new designs, goddesses and huntresses from mythology came to mind.  Ishtar, Kali, Atala (shortened from Atalanta), Diana, Zada - names associated with courage, love, empowerment, freedom of decision, and strength.  The traits that are still very vital now, in 21st century.  

I am asked - why Huntress?  Because I like the idea of women being strong, being independent, and doing what they set out to do.  So I dedicated the collection to all women who are strong, yet vulnerable, seeking, and finding, caring, and defending, daring, dreaming, wandering, with dignity and poise. I think there is a bit of strong and vulnerable in all of us.  And I wanted the collection to be strong, sculptural, yet approachable and as always is my goal, wearable for our everyday lives. 

The designs from the collection can be viewed and purchased in my Seattle studio, or on line





This August is a busy busy month!  There will be five, yes five, open studio events, in conjunction with Seattle Art Fair, and TK Art of the City Fest events, Joanna Morgan Designs studio will be open on the following days:

Friday, July 31st - 4 to 7 PM
Saturday, August 1st - 11 AM to 7 PM
Sunday, August 2nd - 11 AM to 7 PM

My studio will be open as well on:
First Thursday, August 6th, 5 to 8 PM
Second Saturday, August 8th, noon to 5 PM

Looking forward to seeing many of you!


April 24th marked the tragedy near Dhaka, Bangladesh, in Rana Plaza, where over 1,000 lives were lost in a collapse of an unsafe garment factory due to horrifying working conditions.  I hope that this event has made us stop and think how what we buy, what we wear, is made, and being aware of how the companies we buy from do business.  Here are my thoughts:

There is a high level of consumerism nowadays in this world.  Mass production of things lowered the quality of product, and my observations is, many of us cannot recognize quality anymore, but we are guided by the ticket price of the item, and how "trendy" it is.

On the other hand the slow fashion movement embraces the notion that faster is not always better, that doing everything well is better than doing everything as fast as possible.  It reflects how I think - and it may seem counter intuitive, because I am in the sales business - but I am anti materialistic and anti consumerism.  My focus has always been to buy fewer clothes and accessories, and choose better pieces that last longer. In my mind it is not only a more responsible way to live, but also more rewarding.

This carries over to my brand.  I made a commitment to sourcing as many materials as possible within the USA, keeping my production locally, and using recycled metals, or made in the USA metals exclusively.  The decision of keeping it small and personal was an easy one for me - it enables me to have a connection with my customers, with the values I believe in, and with the product itself.  

Own fewer things, but make it the things that you love.  Live with the things you love, things that still speak to you months and years after you purchased them.  Be mindful - live with intention.  How was it made, who made it, where was it made?  

CUSTOM LARIMAR NECKLACE April 23 2015, 0 Comments

This custom necklace was real fun to create.  A friend of mine, and a wonderful painter, Kate, already had a larimar stone, which is a gorgeous blue hue.  She wanted a necklace made incorporating the stone.  
Because the stone itself is so impressive, we wanted the setting to be relatively simple.
But we did want some interest around it.  I decided on a simple prong setting, and manipulated some fine silver to anchor the stone on one side.  This fits nicely on top of the pendant.  A nice cable chain was added, which will give many length options.  A small amazonite dangles at the end of the chain.  
I love how the necklace turned out, but most importantly, Kate loves it, feels good and looks great in it.
Designing a new piece is fun, but what gives me most satisfaction, is when it is enjoyed.  Jewelry should be worn, and loved, and bring joy.

2015 STYLE RESOLUTIONS January 15 2015, 0 Comments

I was asked recently by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine to share my 2015 style resolutions.  While I don't normally treat others to my opinions about style or fashion, this was the perfect time to reassess what goes in my closet.  And that things have not changed much for me - I continue to look for quality, appreciate good craftsmanship, and believe in less is more. Did you make any style resolutions for the New Year?

Read more style resolutions from Seattle designers and artists:

Thank You 2014! January 04 2015, 0 Comments

Year 2014 - what a very long year, full of new discoveries, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhilarating, and a very very good year all in all!  Taking stock, it's what's done this time of year, isn't it?  So much happened:

  • My new studio. Such a godsend, such a stroke of luck!  A year later, I've settled in, filled it with things I love, it's a place I come to with joy to work, and meet with clients and friends.  What on earth did I do before it?
  • Collaborations with fellow artists - it started with an innocent question, a few introductions, and snowballed from there.  We had some great shows with Rachel Guinevere LordKenaga, Rebecka Woodward, Letha Colleen Myers, Jon Haaland, Julia Fioravanti, who agreed to display their art on our studio walls.  Hopefully more of it will come this year.
  • My good friend, and a fellow designer Bri Seeley embarked on this insanely good project - The Inspirational Woman Project - and invited me to be in it!  From a blog, to a website, to a book!  So now I'm in this beautiful book, along with dozens of women who are rockstars in their fields, and honestly, I'm a bit embarrassed I'm there, because, you know, what did I really do to inspire.  The book available to order on her website.
  • My new collection came out over the summer - I called it "Scavenger".  It's a bit of labor of love, a bit emotional, as it echoes to some personal memories.  I love it, and a few other people did too.  More about it on my blog:
  • It was a year of great press - whenever someone takes time to visit, to write about me, what I do, it feels so insanely good, and I appreciate it so much that Joanna Morgan Designs got tons of good press in 2014!  Thank you Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Refined, The Seattle Times, Vanguard Seattle, Moda & Estilo, Seattle Weekly.  
  • A big surprise came out in August, when I was luxuriating with my family on vacation in Santa Fe - The Seattle Weekly selected me their Seattle's Best Jewelry Designer.  Thank you!!!
  • My jewelry was selected to be shown in the Seattle Design Festival and Tacoma Metal Urge this summer and fall.  So honored!

    • In November I was included in "The Influentials - Women in Design" by ChickChat Seattle - so honored to be recognized along 20 other women who create and design right here in PNW!  It was a stylish and fun night, and I finally get to know some designers who I have admired for a long time.
    • Many thanks to my designer friends who were so kind to include my jewelry in their photo shoots - it's possibly the highest compliment ever when a fellow designer considers your work good enough to be shown alongside their own!

    Thank you friends for a wonderful year!  I'm raising my glass full of bubbly, a big smile on my face, full of appreciation, thankful for all the good grace.  Cheers!  Here is to the New Year 2015!

    ***if I missed something, failed to mention someone, please forgive me!***

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! December 31 2014, 0 Comments


    The energy and vibrancy of Rachel's art always takes us to a different (better) place.  Having it on our studio walls is a privilege - so much beauty!  You may remember Rachel Guinevere LordKenaga's show when we were featuring her landscapes in May earlier this year. This time we had a chance to present to you her latest series - "Lost and Found" - a show about emotional exploration through art. She was inspired by our latest jewelry collection - Scavenger - (we feel so flattered!), and decided to look into her painting process for this series with the intent to excavate and illuminate the contents of her mind. Led by a thought, a memory, or a feeling; she let the paint determine the result. She hopes the images will evoke a response in the viewer as well.

    About the artist -Rachel has been painting since childhood and in the NW since the age of 18. She is passionately smitten with color and capturing a moment. A memory, an emotion, a fixation. Art making has served as meditation and catharsis, which organically brought her into a career as an Art Therapist.

    The show is up through January 3rd, with the closing reception on Saturday, 1/3/15, from 5 - 7 PM.




    FEATURING - JULIA FIORAVANTI November 17 2014, 1 Comment

    I have a great pleasure to introduce to you Julia Fioravanti and her airy, intricate, poetic paper cuts. Julia creates them freehand with an x-acto knife, each piece being one-of-a-kind and not replicated because of this process. A Seattle native, Julia is a graduate of Western Washington University, and comes from a family of artists - fashion designer Mia Fioravanti, and established ceramic and metal based artist Monad Elohim. In addition to working in a very unique medium of cut paper, Julia has also dabbled in a variety of other disciplines such as fabric design and pencil illustration for author Kim Wheeler.

    We will have Julia's work available for sale in our studio for the month of November.  We will conclude her show with a reception on Saturday, November 29, from 5 - 8.  If this time doesn't suit you, please contact us via email at for appointment.

    examples of Julia's work can be viewed on her website -



    We're off to a great start this fall - Jon Haaland is our guest artist at the studio for October.  You may already know Chemical Wedding Handbags - Jon designs them with his wife Tracy - now we're getting a look at his photography.

    Jon is from Portland, OR, but has lived in Seattle most of his life. After leaving Portland, he attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he honed his skill and technique in printmaking and photography. After college, he began his career as a hand-painted wallpaper designer for Northwest artist Steve Jensen at SJW Studios, an artistic wallpaper studio in Capitol Hill. Jon was the lead designer responsible for creating unique and captivating designs that can be seen in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, the homes of Eva Longoria, Cher and Oprah Winfrey, as well as designer showrooms across the United States.

    Jon left SJW to continue his vision and created Chemical Wedding Handbags where he is not only the lead designer but also co-owner with his wife, Tracy. Jon's handbag creations can be seen at the Seattle Art Museum Clementine Shoes, MOMOseattle, and many more boutiques and galleries throughout the country.

    Jon's work is heavily influenced by his experience in wallpaper design and construction. His love of color fields, surface and texture can be seen in the way that light interacts with these elements in his designs. Influences from mentors, such as his high school art teacher who has a passion for pushing boundaries, led to a love of an alternative way of looking at the world and embracing the beauty from unexpected places.

    "In our mundane, day to day worlds we are surrounded by astonishing beauty. For me, it's in the overlooked spaces of our everyday experience. I hope to convey that beauty I find in the minute places. Like a glass of wine in the afternoon sun or the way grease clings to a pan in the kitchen sink, there's a fleeting world in the tension of water. A world that blinks out as the light changes and a new one arises. Constant loss always bringing constant renewal, and always leaving something lurking and waiting for me to capture. I'm fascinated by the worlds that surround us as light refracts through liquid and glass transforming the overlooked into a painterly abstraction that blurs the lines between photography and painting."

    Jon's painterly photographs are here through October, with a closing reception on Saturday 10/25, from 5 to 8 PM.  The studio is open by appointment, email us at to let us know when you'd like to come in if you can't make it on 10/25.  






    SANTA FE, MY NEW LOVE August 19 2014, 0 Comments

    What can I say, we just got back from our New Mexico trip, and I miss Santa Fe already.



    As you may already know, every month I host a new artist to display their art on my studio walls. This time I am happy to introduce Letha Colleen Myers, whose happy, colorful, mix media collage landscapes I have been fortunate to present this month.


    The inspiration came from my grandmother -  after she passed, we found a box of trinkets, worthless to the world, but to us full of memories, as well as questions - what are they, where did they come from?  That was years ago.  Recently I found my own box of things - I am by nature a scavenger (and similarly to my grandmother, love to stash things away for later), I pick up seeds, driftwood, rocks, twigs, leaves, feathers, dried blossoms, put them in boxes, store them in vases, sometimes to be displayed, oftentimes to be forgotten, and rediscovered years later. Maybe I'm trying to hold on to some memories, or I'm just fascinated with the shapes, color, and patterns offered by the world.

    This new collection - called "Scavenger" - looks to the ethereal and organic worlds.  Most of the pieces are objects of irregular shapes, inspired by pebbles, branches, bones, fragments that may have been collected and then stored and forgotten, and then found many years later - and now they are treasures re-imagined in metal. 

    I will be having a special launch event at our studio in July - it will be announced it via social media channels and email.  If you're local, please come by.  If not, please see the latest designs here on my website in a few weeks.  I am looking forward to showing you the new Scavenger Collection!


    Photo credit: Amanda Waltman Photography




    When you look at Rebecka Woodward's collages you're immediately drawn into her worlds of enchanting flora, whimsical fairies, sometimes playful, sometimes mystical.  This is what I felt when I was first introduced to her art.

    I am lucky to have Rebecka as my guest artist for June - her collages are worlds you haven't seen before, they draw you in, show you fantasies put together from tiny pieces of paper - and you thought you knew what a collage was!

    Rebecka Woodward has been working in collage as an artistic medium for more a decade. It began as an exercise in color composition. Eventually, it would become more than that. The first collages were what one might expect from “collage”, as it is typically assembled from loose imagery juxtaposed to draw in the viewer. Early works were a visual diary; a recording of gesture and color compiled with found text, rearranged into prose. However, as time invested in each piece became greater, backgrounds transformed into entire environments, and a personal symbolism emerged. With each new piece, the construction changes, and the manner in which the collage is approached evolves. In recent years, incorporations of a “painterly” aspect heightening the assemblage’s detail has developed, while other works take on the cues of a surreal photographic style. Closer examination by the viewer reveals layers of alterations contributing to these images creating a new reality. Each work is a collection of hundreds of pieces of cut magazine paper. Forests come to life with flora and hidden fauna, women interact in their environments emitting a mysterious glow and invite you into their stories, evoking myths and literary tales. Rebecka has a background in photography, illustration, painting and several other media. Collage has offered her more freedom and expression than traditional art forms. She seeks to question what art is, to whom it belongs, and from what materials it can be made. Originally from Southern Indiana, she has lived in Seattle for over 15 years. The wilderness of her childhood is a constant inspiration.  More on her site .

    Her show at my studio will be closing on Saturday, June 28th, 3 - 8 p.m., at 306 S. Washington St, Studio 105, Seattle, WA. Her collages and Joanna Morgan Designs jewelry will be available for purchase.  The studio is also open by appointment, so if you'd like to drop by another time, do let us know by emailing



    Best part of what I do is seeing my jewelry designs enjoyed by others.  The second best (a very close second!) is when my fashion designer friends reach out to me to borrow some pieces for photo shoots or runway shows, to complement their work.  It is truly an honor to be recognized this way.  

    Most recently, Kate Mensah of KateSMensah (if you're not familiar with her designs you should check her out!), used a few pieces from my Talisman Collection in her new collection 'shoot.  I feel flattered that she chose my designs, and in love with Kate's fashion line!


    12/14 creative team:
    LaEisha Barton- Fashion Stylist
    Leticia Brooks - Hair Stylist
    Veronica Moss - Makeup Artist
    Shawn Kinney - Photographer

    Joanna Morgan Designs: Jewelry designer

    Iam Bkissed agency:
    Lanai Lee Model

    Designer: KateS Mensah



    We have JEWELRY at the studio, we have WALLS, and now - starting in May - we will have ART on the walls!  The first artist we are collaborating with, is the incredible Rachel Guinevere LordKenaga.  So lucky to have met her!  Her art is vibrant, energetic, and we love it.  

    Rachel has been painting since childhood and in the NW since the age of 18. She is passionately smitten with color and capturing a moment. A memory, an emotion, a fixation. Art making has served as meditation and catharsis, which organically brought her into a career as an Art Therapist. Recent inspiration has come through moving to Vashon Island and being surrounded daily by sea and sky. Please go to her FB page and Wordpress and take a look at her paintings.

    You will be able to admire (and purchase) her paintings at our studio in Pioneer Square during special events and by appointment.   Some of them are also displayed in the hallway right outside my studio door.

    The opening event with Rachel was last week at May 1st Art Walk.  We will have a closing event on Saturday, May 31st - and in between please email me at the studio ( if you'd like to come by.

    Each month we will try to feature a new artist - stay tuned, and follow us on social media to find out who's next, and when to see their art!


                     Rachel Guinevere LordKenaga's Sea/Skyscapes, currently for sale at our studio for the month of May




    SPRING BRUNCH April 15 2014, 0 Comments

    If you're struggling a bit - or need some inspiration - to pick an outfit for Easter brunch, we have some ideas.

    A classic sheath dress updated for this year in this super cool flowery print (this one is from OASIS), paired with a neutral color bag (a real classic, will carry you through the season, we found at Clementine's in West Seattle), and heels (we leave it up to you if you want to splurge on the Valentino heels, but a girl can dream!).  We kick it up a couple of notches with these feminine jewelry accessories from our collection - green onyx earrings and silver and gold bangles.  Keep your make-up fresh with those delicate pink hues, et voila - you're ready!

    Dress -

    Bag -

    Shoes -

    Earrings - Dreamers in Green Onyx

    Bangles - Hammered Silver and Gold Bangle


    TWO RINGS March 03 2014, 0 Comments

    I have just completed my first ever custom jewelry order for a man.  Men have been "borrowing" and "secretly" buying jewelry from my Talisman collection, especially the stud earrings and necklaces.  This time, I was asked to make two simple, silver rings, for a very nice gentleman - he will be wearing one on each hand.  When he came by today to pick them up, they fit perfectly, and with the light patina and polish I applied, they match his dashing style perfectly.  I am always so happy when things turn out well!

    L.A. YOU SURPRISED ME January 12 2014, 0 Comments

    Everyone has a different idea of LA...

    JANUARY IN MOTION January 05 2014, 0 Comments

    January is turning to be a "month in motion" for us.

    2014 STYLE RESOLUTIONS December 27 2013, 0 Comments

    I have been asked recently by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine about my 2014 style resolutions.  That got me thinking - especially when I realized I have to limit myself to 30 words or less!  It is a fun exercise to summarize what I've been gravitating to recently, and how I would like to build on it.  For someone (me) who spent 15 years in suits, and then started working for herself, transitioning from very structured to more casual, can be dangerously close to living in yoga pants on an everyday basis.  But it is also - finally! - an opportunity to show and explore what my style is about.

    Somehow I escaped the temptation to succumb to yoga pants, and adopted a uniform of great tops, and jeans, usually "boyfriend" style. And, since I love fashion, I always want to put a little twist on this "uniform" - whether it's by adding a fabulous pair of shoes, or wearing a killer jacket.  Naturally I never forget jewelry :) Adding pattern into this mix will be admittedly a challenge, but also fun to explore!  

    So here it is - my style resolutions for New Year 2014!

    Other artists, personalities, and well-dressed Seattleites shared their style resolutions as well - read all about it in the January 2014 issue of the magazine, and on line:

    May this new year be a fashionable and stylish one to all of us!

    And do tell - what are your style resolutions?

    LET IT BE MERRY TO ALL! December 23 2013, 0 Comments

    As we are enjoying the Holidays with our friends and families, celebrating all the wonders the Old Year 2013 brought, and wishing for great things in the coming New Year 2014, we'd like to thank all of you for your support, friendship, and goodness you have given us!  Wishing you all the best, in the coming year and always! 

    NOT JUST FOR THE LADIES... December 03 2013, 0 Comments

    When I was designing these pieces, I wanted to add some "badass" vibe to my, and many ladies' wardrobes, who want to stay classy, but not too "ladylike" either.  What happened, these pieces have been attracting men and women alike - and I've been getting some great feedback on them.  Sometimes we need just a little bit of "edge" to keep things interesting.






    GIVING THANKS November 27 2013, 0 Comments



    Taking stock is usually done at the end of the year - but really any time is good, and Thanksgiving seems to be perfect to stop for a minute and take a look back. This year has been wonderful, and difficult, challenging, and eye-opening, and I could add so many more adjectives here, but you get the point. The positives certainly outweigh negatives, and lessons learned from negatives were priceless, and led us to wonderful experiences.

    Thanksgiving - an American holiday I adopted not for its food, but for its vibe - goes hand in hand with thanking those who are in my life, put a smile on my face, help and tolerate me, and my endeavors daily.  Not all of them can gather around my table this Thursday, but they will be in my heart.

    Before the madness of holidays sets in, this Thanksgiving, in this wonderful season of Autumn, let's give thanks for what we have.



    Here is a perfect solution for your gift giving dilemma….

    BUSY TIMES - PARDON THE MESS! November 04 2013, 0 Comments

    My work table doesn't really look like this!

    HAPPY ENGAGEMENT! October 22 2013, 1 Comment

    It made me so happy to be asked to design and make an engagement ring for Hallie and Matt.  Hallie specifically asked for an aquamarine in silver.  Here is the finished ring.  Wishing you all the best on the new journey together Hallie and Matt!

    PHOENIX October 06 2013, 1 Comment

    My friend Bri Seeley's latest collection "Silence" shone on the runway of Phoenix Fashion week.  I am happy she chose Joanna Morgan Designs to be a part of her show! (all pictures: Phoenix New Times/Melissa Fossum).

    Read about the fashion show here:

    The talented fashion designer will be debuting the collection in LA Fashion week next on October 10th.  She will be also taking pre-orders via - a crowd funding site that focuses on fashion and fashion accessories.





                                                                       Bri Seeley (right) herself at the finale 

    LA FASHION WEEK WITH BRI SEELEY September 29 2013, 0 Comments

    I wish I could be in several places at the same time.  Alas, since I lack magical powers, I have to make do with the modern magic of the internet and social media.  If I could be in Phoenix on October 4th, and then in Los Angeles on October 10th, I would!  Why?  Because a friend of mine, the talented fashion designer Bri Seeley will be unveiling her latest collection - "Silence".  And not only that - because Bri chose my jewelry to walk down the runway at both events!  (meant to be a figure of speech, the jewelry will be worn by models, who will walk down the runway).  

    So this is what's happening. Phoenix Fashion Week Bri Seeley Runway Show on October 4th at The Talking Stick Resort -get your tickets here.

    LA Fashion Week Bri Seeley show will take place on October 10th, will benefit Step Up Women's Network, (the show's donation to the organization will help 250 girls from under-resourced communities to help them grow into confident, college-bound, career-ready women), and will launch Bri's latest collection - "Silence".  Moreover, Bri is partnering with Luevo, who is a red-hot fashion crowd-funding site. The event will kick off a 30-day campaign to raise pre-orders for the entire collection exclusively on Luevo. 

    Joanna Morgan Designs is outfitting the models both in Phoenix and Los Angeles with jewelry accessories.  Get your tickets for the LA show here.  We can hardly wait to see the collection and our jewelry on the runway!

    More about all of it soon!


    SEATTLE MAGAZINE INTERVIEW September 17 2013, 0 Comments

    As promised, since some of you have no access to the printed edition of "Seattle Magazine" I am posting a just-released on-line version of the September issue Seamless in Seattle spread about all the winners in the competition.  Please click through and discover the fashion talent we have in Seattle:

    I have posted my Seattle Magazine interview right here as well.

    From top: Bridget pendant in brass, $125; Bridget cuff in sterling silver, $495; Krystallos cuff in sterling silver, $415;

    Justine bracelet in brass, $125; Drea ring in brass, $95

    Image credit: Hayley Young via Seattle Magazine

    The line: “I believe in timeless pieces,” says Polish-born, Queen Anne-based Joanna Morgan, whose eponymous line of hand-cast statement pieces in silver and brass are building momentum in Seattle’s style circles. “My designs aim to be comfortable and blend easily into your life,” says the 40-something jeweler—and we agree. Her Talisman collection contains a range of everyday/everywhere pieces, from tiny earrings studded with black spinel to statement-making rings.

    Creative spark: Before launching her first collection in 2010, Morgan spent 15 years in banking and finance. Her first pieces came out of necessity, since there was nothing in stores that she liked, and what she did like, she couldn’t afford. When people bought her designs literally right off her neck, she figured she was on to something. “It wasn’t a conscious thing; I didn’t decide to be a designer at any point. It kind of chose me,” she says.

    Her personal style: “I like things that are classic (but not boring), well made and that will withstand the test of time,” says Morgan, who admires modern designers like Jil Sander, Vanessa Bruno and Prada because of their simplicity, clean lines, beautiful craftsmanship and timeless design.

    Business 101: “Running your own business means that you are a creative director, a marketing person, a delivery girl, a graphic designer, a brand visionary and at the very last—a maker,” says the designer, who fills her small studio with driftwood, rocks, shells and other items that inspire her.

    Find it: Clementine (West Seattle, 4447 California Ave. SW; 206.935.9400;, Sell Your Sole (Belltown, 2121 First Ave., Suite 101; 206.43.2616; and online at

    Thank you for the recognition "Seattle Magazine"!

    SUMMER TO FALL TRANSITION STYLE GUIDE September 11 2013, 0 Comments

    We agree that the fall weather can be tricky to dress for, so we often look for fashion advice from the pros.  This post on Luevo's blog guides us through trends such us "oversized", "punk", and "layering". We were pleasantly surprised to find our Krystallino Ring in the company of Givenchy, Alice & Olivia, & Preen, brands that subtly incorporated punk elements in their collections this season.


    Read the full article here: "Summer To Fall Transition Style Guide".



    P.S. We will be crowd-funding our next collection with Luevo - stay tuned, and better yet, visit their site to request an invite!

    WHAT'S NEXT - WELCOMING AUTUMN September 03 2013, 0 Comments

    Autumn's arrival always feels good.  We've felt it in the air already, summer taking off for Australia (that's where I imagine it has a vacation home).  It has always been a "back to school" time for me, and a good time to start new projects.  Nowadays it means more work, more shows, more creativity awakened.  

    In my studio a new collection is taking shape. If you're familiar with my last one - Talisman - you can expect a similar vibe, but I'm aiming for the pieces with more femininity, lightness, and whimsy.  I will be crowd-funding its production with Luevo - visit their site and spread the word!

    My events calendar for the fall/winter is slowly getting filled up - as for most designers and creatives, the end of the year is the most hectic.  Tune in - check my website's EVENTS tab often for updates; a great way to keep in touch is to sign up to be on my mailing list (I don't have time to spam you, promise!), or become a fan on Facebook.  And next year could mean more travel for me - possibly showing the line in New York and Los Angeles, mainly at the trade shows.  If there are any boutique owners that read my blog by any chance - I'd love to get to know you!

    On a personal note, I am a big fan of accessories (no surprise here), so all the coats, scarves, boots, hats, coming out of hibernation make me really happy.  Add to it September fashion magazines, and NY Fashion week - I'm in heaven.  

    This is how my Talisman Collection was being born last year - not giving out hints on my new one yet!



    We have been named Best Accessory Designer 2013 by Seattle Magazine!

    Oregon Sand Dollars August 12 2013, 0 Comments

    Simple things make me happy - walks on the beach are one of those things. While on vacation this summer (see prior blog posts) we had a chance to enjoy California and Oregon beaches. The beach in Tolovana Park was full of silky sand, picturesque haystacks, tidal pools, but hardly any shells.  What they had was plenty of sand dollars. Although strong waves seemed to destroy them, and most of we could find were pieces, my husband found an almost perfect, with hardly any chips, sand dollar.  Here they all are, gracing my coffee table, a piece of the beach.  Too delicate to work into jewelry, but a joy to the eye.



    Can You Say ORTHOCERA? August 07 2013, 0 Comments

    Can you say "ORTHOCERA"?  We found these fossils on our trip up the Oregon coast last week.  They were in a little shop tucked away in a little town by the beach.  The contrast of black and white, the cool shape that lends itself to rings and pendants, and the story behind them, immediately drew our attention. 

    Orthoceras are fossils from Morocco, Africa, were excavated from the Atlas Mountains, which were under the sea millions of years ago.  It was a sea dwelling creature that lived in shallow waters - today they would be most closely related to a squid or octopus. The fossils we found are in black marble.

    Stay tuned to see what jewelry pieces we will create with these fascinating Orthoceras!

    We Love California August 05 2013, 0 Comments

    As you already know, we took a trip down to San Francisco for the Gift Fair, which was a wonderful show and more about it in future posts.  We took more time to relax on the way back home.  We drove up the California and Oregon coast - breathtaking beauty and well worth driving long distances.  My obsession with lighthouses was satiated with this gem along the California coastline.  

    More from the trip soon...


    New Adventure - Hello San Francisco! July 01 2013, 0 Comments

    Traveling to sunny California will be a new adventure for us - a little bit of a road trip for me, hubby, and Mandy the dog.  A little bit of this, and a little bit of biz.  I will be showing my jewelry line at the  San Francisco International Gift Fair(July 27 - 31), which is held at the Moscone Center, and I will be in booth #864.  I am very excited to show my precious jewels in the new market!  Come and say hello, and if you'd like information beforehand, do email me at  See you in San Francisco!*

    *the show is open to wholesale buyers only


    Ready For Fun in the Sun? June 02 2013, 0 Comments

    I have just found out that mygemstone and silver ringsmade it into this stylish and fun inspiration board by an online publisherFashion Rooftop!  I love the colors, and I wish I were at the sun drenched marina pictured below...