Joanna Morgan is an independent jewelry designer, passionate about creativity, beauty, and objects with personality. Having grown up in Poland and influenced by a family with eclectic interests, Joanna has always been fascinated by art and design. After a career in banking and finance she decided to follow her dream and launched her first collection in 2010.

Joanna loves fashion trends and pays attention to what’s current, but her main goal is to offer women versatile and stylish jewelry accessories that can be worn everyday, be a part of a modern wardrobe, and withstand the test of time. Her jewelry is aimed for those who want to add a touch of originality to their jewelry box.

She uses various metalworking techniques in her jewelry making, and works primarily in silver, and brass.  Many pieces are embellished with semi precious stones and cultured pearls. Joanna is committed to sustainability and localized production - the entire jewelry making process is completed in the USA, all items are produced in small quantities, finished by hand, with careful attention to detail.  All metal used in production is sourced in the USA, and in addition, sterling silver used in casting is recycled silver.

Most recently Joanna was awarded Best Jewelry Designer for 2014 by Seattle Weekly, and Best Accessory Designer 2013 (tied) in Seamless in Seattle competition by Seattle Magazine.

She currently resides in Seattle.